Gandhi Seva Sangha

Gandhi Seva Sadan Hospital - A multi specialty fullfledged hospital with indoor and outdoor patients. The economic- ally challen ged section of the society will be privileged to avail quality medic- al facilities at an affordable cost. This dream pr- oject of Gandhi Seva Sangha got initiated in Dec 2010 and the construction work started in Oct 2012. The target date of completion is 15th August 2014. The proposed Gandhi Seva Sadan Hospital will be located at a prime location at Shreebhumi – Laketown area in the outskirt of North Kolkata.


Present activities :


GSS has been providing a very modest charitable medical service to the underprivileged section of people in the neighborhood for the last forty years.

Charitable Allopathic Clinic - Six days a week, attended by highly qualified dedicated senior doctors, rendering voluntary service for long. Average number of patients served is 500 per month. Patients are to pay only Rs 20 per visit. Medicine is supplied free.

Homeopathic Clinic - Thrice a week, attended by a very popular and experienced doctor and average 450 patients are being treated with medicine, @ Rs 10 per visit.

Eye check up and treatment – Twice a week, Monday and Thursday. Visit Rs 5/- Monday’s clinic is supported by ‘Purva Kolkata Nagarik Parishad’ and there is provision for free medicine, specs and micro surgery. The clinic is very popular.

Gandhi Seva Sadan Hospital - GSS has taken initiative to establish a multi speciality hospital where common people can avail qulity medical service at an affordable price. At present the OPD and diagonistics failiities are operational. Around 30 doctors with different specilizations are attending OPD on regular basis. Pathological and common diagonistic facilities like ECG, ultra sound etc. are available at a lower rate. The hospital also organizes free blood test and other diagonistic caps time to time. The Hospital has been handed over to an autonomous body “Gandhi Seva Sadan Hospital Trust” for its regular operation, management and further development.

Seva Nibas (Cancer Unit) - Sangha has set up a residential budget accommodation, ‘Seva Nibas’, for Cancer patients and their accompanying persons, who come from different remote locations of West Bengal and adjacent states, for prolong treatment in different hospitals in Kolkata. As far it is known, such initiative for providing very low cost accommodation, by any welfare organization in Kolkata, was the beginning for helping the ailing cancer patients. In subsequent years considering the demand of this facility we have scaled up to accomodate 25 patients and their companion. The ‘Seva Nibas’ is having refrigerator and common kitchen facility where patients can cook their own food using utensils provided by sangha. Also facilities like television , caram board, ludo etc are available for boarders . All these have been possible for generous public donations. This unit organizes occational Cancer awareness programs, anti tobacco movements and other health awareness initiatives.


School - Gandhi Seva Sangha Buniadi Primary and Madhyamik school was established by the Sangha. The school is now sponsored by the Govt of West Bengal. Most of the students of this school are from the echonomically weaker section of the society and come from nearby slums. Every year on 15th August, Sangha distributes scholarships to position holders of all classes. Students from the school undertake Computer Training conducted by Gandhi Seva Sangha IT Unit at a very nominal cost.

Shishu Vikash - More than forty children, all from economically weaker families, gather every Sunday for learning Drawing and other extra curricular activities. They also participate in different cultural programs, organized time to time by the Sangha, which obviously help them grow better, physically and mentally.

Library - Our Library is probably the only library in South Dum Dum, which remains open seven days a week. It has more than 11 thousands books covering a wide spectrum of Bengali and English literature. It has separate special wings for children and senior citizens. The library has more than 200 members many of whom regularly use the library facilities. Events like Saraswati Puja, Annual Picnic, Library Foundation Day etc are regularly organised by Library every year.

Sevak Patrika - A bi-monthly newsletter –cum-magazine is published by Gandhi Seva Sangha to propagate the activities of Gandhi Seva Sangha as well as to enhance the general awareness of the neighbourhood population regarding interesting and important cultural , social, health, education, literary and scientific issues.

Cultural - As a part of cultural and social activities, Sangha observes all the days of national importance, birthdays of Mahatma Gandhi , Tagore, , Najrul Islam, Vivekananda and others. Sangha also arrange seminars, lectures, debates, quiz etc. on regularly at ‘Manikya Mancha’, Sangh’s own program hall, with a facility of approximate 150 occupancy


Computer Learning Center - In this era of Information Technology computer has become an essential part of our live. We have taken initiative to establish a computer literacy centre where underprivileged school children as well as interested elderly people can get training on basic computer. At present we have 7 computers and 50 students distributed over 4 batches. For school children the fees are very nominal (only rupees 50 per month).

Vocational Training - For long Sangha is operating a Tailoring training course for women and it has been able to established itself as very effective for unemployed girls and housewives.

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