Gandhi Seva Sadan Hospital - A multi specialty fullfledged hospital with indoor and outdoor patients. The economic- ally challen ged section of the society will be privileged to avail quality medic- al facilities at an affordable cost. This dream pr- oject of Gandhi Seva Sangha got initiated in Dec 2010 and the construction work started in Oct 2012. The target date of completion is 15th August 2014. The proposed Gandhi Seva Sadan Hospital will be located at a prime location at Shreebhumi – Laketown area in the outskirt of North Kolkata.


Gandhi Seva Sangha

Gandhi Seva Sangha, Dakshindari , a registered society, committed to social welfare and charitable services since its establishment in 1946 , is located at Gandhi More, Sreebhumi, near Laketown and Dakshindari. It has been rendering multifaceted uninterrupted social welfare services in the fields of health, education and self reliance for more than sixty six years, especially for the underprivileged and economically challenged sections of the society. It is an apolitical, non government, non commercial organization governed by a dedicated and dependable group of people.

Gandhi Seva Sangha ( GSS ) has been providing regular charitable medical services to the neighborhood region six days a week including both allopathic and homeopathic treatment. GSS also provides accommodation facilities to the outstation Cancer patients and their accompanying persons for the period of their cancer treatment in Kolkata hospitals at a very affordable rate. Further GSS also runs a charitable Eye Clinic in cooperation with Purba Kolkata Nagarik Parishad, Laketown.

Apart from the medical services ,Gandhi Seva Sangha has been conducting cultural activities through its well managed library and various cultural programmes on different occasions. GSS also runs a vocational training program on tailoring for needy women in the locality.

GSS is registered under 12 AA of IT Dept, Govt. of India, and donations are exempted from Income Tax, under section 80G. Gandhi Seva Sangha is also registered under FCRA and eligible to receive donations from abroad.

Gandhi Seva Sangha has taken up a challenging project of setting up a modest multi- specialty hospital, “Gandhi Seva Sadan Hospital “ with both indoor and outdoor facilities to provide quality medical services at an affordable cost to the needy people . The space for the hospital is donated by Sangha free of cost while the remaining cost of construction , utilities and equipments will have to be met from the generous donations and sponsorships. The construction work has already been started on 2nd Oct, 2012 and the project completion date is 2nd October , 2014.

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